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Decks Pte Ltd is one of the leading apparel suppliers in departmental stores in Singapore. Coupled with 19 years of experience and commitment, we have a good relationship with all the buyers here and currently, we have 2 Counters in China, 10 Counters in Myanmar, 2 Counters in Malaysia and 20 Counters in Vietnam. In Singapore alone, we have 27 SP and USPA counters. Currently, we are operating 3 shops in West Coast Plaza, West Mall, and Yew Tee Point. We are also the appointed agent for BHG and authorized manufacturer for Universal Studios Singapore.




BOSS Mr. Kelvyn Chee was raised in a family dealing in the tailoring business. In 1978, the family started a factory to do production for local apparel brands. They later ventured into the retail and created a few popular fashion brands in the local men’s fashion scene. At its peak, they have 15 shops in all prime shopping centers such as City Plaza, Wisma Atria, Far East Shopping Centre, People Park Complex and Queensway Shopping Centre etc. Kelvyn grew up in the factory and retail environment and hence became very well versed with the production process and fabrications. He then uses this valuable experience to help him establish himself in this trade.




Our Mission is to keep the world ahead on trend and at the same time to inspire fashion as well as creativity and to give quality products to the customer and nothing less.


Our Vision serves as a guiding road for our business growth and aspire to be the leading apparel retailer in the region.



We thrive to be true to our customer in all aspects.



We thrive to produce quality products and never compromise on this.



High standards of customer service are trained and maintained in our service team.



We make sure that fashion and trends are up-to-date in our products to satisfy the customer’s needs.



We thrive on passion and sincerity in this business and is well reflected to our customers and business partners.



We function efficiently and we always seek to improve productivity using innovative approaches.



We are quick to respond to the market needs and adapt easily to the changes the next door office environment. This has also allowed us to better understand the business culture in China.



We thrive to provide a positive working environment for our employees to work happily. As a team, we inspire each other to produce innovative work and bring out the best in every individual team player.





ACHIEVE PRODUCTIVITY PARTNERS RECOGNITION AWARD. Decks Pre Ltd achieve the award of MPTC Annual Conference on 12 October 2016.   RFID CASHIERLESS TECHNOLOGY RECOGNITION AWARD Decks uses RFID technology to create its CASHIERLESS system, to ready itself against manpower crunch.
EXPANSION INTO MALAYSIA. This is our first venture to Malaysia and the JV partnership opened up 2 mens counter at the first launch in KL. The buyers and partners are all very confident of the brand Surfers Paradise. LAUNCH OF THE RFID PROJECT We work closely with Spring Singapore and have been very active in their initiatives and projects. This latest massive project that we have embarked on is the RFID project in which we will be saving 1684 manpower hours monthly. This project will be the first full scale RFID in Singapore and will definitely change the way how business will operate in the near future. LAUNCH OF THE U.S.POLO ASSN. SWAROVSKI COLLECTION
ACHIEVE AN AVERAGE OF 100,000 PIECES OF APPAREL SOLD MONTHLY APPOINTED AS AUTHORISED CHINA AGENT FOR BHG DEPARTMENT STORE. We launch the USPA Swarovski collection in all USPA counter and got very good feedback from the customers and business partners. The launch comes with an exclusive faux leather box and is retailing from S$149 to S$299. We sold about 1200 pieces in total which is one of the highest priced polo t-shirt in the departmental store. And we are working on the next collection closely with Swarovski Singapore. ACHIEVE SGS -BCM CERTIFICATE. We have pass the stringent Business Continuinity Management Program and managed to be certified. ACHIEVE SGS -BCM CERTIFICATE. We have pass the stringent Business Continuinity Management Program and managed to be certified. SIGNED U.S.POLO ASSN. LICENCE FOR SINGAPORE. We have acquired USPA licensee for the territory of Singapore. This prestigious brand have helped us ascertain our position in the departmental store and have also helped us increased our gross profit for the company.
LAUNCH OF OUR ERP SYSTEM. This highly customised ERP system is a real time system which link the finance, inventory, and our retail shops POS. It is a very effective and user friendly system. This system runs seamlessly with Microsoft Office Excel which makes running reports a breeze. This reporting system is one of the best in the market and you can log into the system from anywhere as long as you have 3G/WIFI connection. Another fantastic feature is that you can use your iphone to check your real time sales and inventory level at anytime. We have even synchronized the software to a Handheld Scanner so that the operation teams can access to the ERP system at any time. OPENING OF OUR CHINA OPERATION OFFICE IN GUANGZHOU. In order to ensure better quality control and to better facilitate our roles as a agent for USS and BHG, we setup a office in Guangzhou. We have a live video system connecting both office so that we can communicate easily and to create the next door office environment. This has also allowed us to better understand the business culture in China.
EXPANSION INTO VIETNAM AND MYANMAR VIA A LICENSEE AND DISTRIBUTOR PROGRAM. A Vietnamese company signed a 4 years licensee of SP in Vietnam and expanded to 24 counters within a year time.The Myanmar distributor also expanded SP to a total number of 10 counters in Yangon. ACQUISITION OF OUR OWN WAREHOUSE. We have bought over our rented warehouse and converted it to a 3-Tier mezzanine warehouse cum office. Being a ramp-up building, this new warehouse makes delivery easy as our shipments will be able to be unloaded at our doorstep. We have invested heavily at the construction of the 3-tier mezzanine floor racking system and this makes our daily operation more efficient. APPOINTED AS THE AUTHORISED -MANUFACTURER FOR UNIVERSAL STUDIOS-SINGAPORE. We are appointed as the authorised audited manufacturer for Universal Studios Singapore. In this project we design, develope and manufacture for Universal Studios Singapore thier park character merchandise, for instance, Madagascar, Kung-Fu Panda, Mummy, Jurassic Park, Betty Boop, Sesame Street, Battlestar Galactica, Transformers and Shrek.
WE ACQUIRED THE BRAND -SURFERS PARADISE. Owning the brand makes our marketing efforts more fruitful and rewarding. With licensed brands we ultimately face higher licensee fees or termination choices which is detrimental to the business in a long run. We have continued to expand Surfers Paradise territory by registering the brand worldwide of about 60 countries.