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Founded in 1993, Island Shop has grown to become one of Singapore’s most successful brands, spanning across three countries with a total of 19 shops and counters. Island Shop is the expression of relaxed, comfort & stylish chic. Offering a wide range of merchandise for women, men and accessories, not just for the resort but urban city living. Inspired by global travel and culture, the brand embraces artisanal craftsmanship, bringing about a twist to the modern and urban aesthetic.


The surfers that rode the waves at the beach had nothing but good rolling surf, they were immersed by the serenity of the area which soon developed into Australia is surfers playground. Easily accessible by surfers, small surf shops soon started to sprout within the area. Sheltered by lazy motels and large billboards, this beach also became a tourist attraction, for those whom love the sun, sand and sea. Surfers Paradise apparel has since evolved into a thriving international clothing brand.


Launches in 2017, ISLE & ISLE advocates wholesome, wellness and simple living. Apparels are designed to ease the tension of the modern hectic world we live in, embracing the comfort and beauty of natural fabrics such as bamboo, cotton, linen etc. Bags & Accessories are designed to be easy to wear.


ENERMAX delivers high quality fitness and exercise apparels. specifically design to allow superb comfort even at the final burst.We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy and reap the benefits from exercising and we aim to provide quality fitness apparel without that hefty price tag.


Royal Knights of Scotland brand combines the prestigious elegance, the strength needed for a demanding era, and the classic appeal of the heritage, which revolves around historical castles, and rich traditions and believes. We conceptualize our collection with classic, heritage and comfort in mind. A Royal knights of Scotland follower is one that appreciates a subtle blend of classic, trend and comfort. The collection uses high quality fabrics to ensure the wearer that it’s more then just an apparel. It is a culture.