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The surfers that rode the waves at the beach had nothing but good rolling surf, they were immersed by the serenity of the area which soon developed into Australia is surfers playground. Easily accessible by surfers, small surf shops soon started to sprout within the area. Sheltered by lazy motels and large billboards, this beach also became a tourist attraction, for those whom love the sun, sand and sea. Surfers Paradise apparel has since evolved into a thriving international clothing brand.


Founded in 1993, Island Shop has grown to become one of Singapore’s most successful brands, spanning across three countries with a total of 19 shops and counters. Island Shop is the expression of relaxed, comfort & stylish chic. Offering a wide range of merchandise for women, men and accessories, not just for the resort but urban city living. Inspired by global travel and culture, the brand embraces artisanal craftsmanship, bringing about a twist to the modern and urban aesthetic.


Often referred to as the King of Games and the King of Sports, polo is inviting and open to all those who wish to participate, whether on the field or from the sidelines. The love of the game embodies an enthusiasm for competition, a passion for horses and an appreciation for all those who work to bring the sport together. he future of polo lies in raising awareness through education and participation, encouraging greater numbers of people to embrace the sport with the same fervor and devotion as those before them. The U.S. Polo Assn. brand captures the authenticity of the sport, while reflecting its rich history and staying true to its roots in Classic American Style, updated to complement today is on-the-go lifestyle.


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