RFID Technology

Decks has premiered its RFID Technology to the retail industry in 2016 as part of its forward thinking innovation journey the company is taking. It has help to retained workers and improved employees productivity while ensuring accurate stock-taking process.

The RFID technology is a testament to how Decks is investing on technology for the increment of its employees productivity.

Acquisition of M)phosis

In 2018, DECKS has added M)phosis to our line-up of fashion apparel brands. M)phosis is known for its minimal yet exquisite design and silhouette. The brand has a consistent prior to the acquisition and has been expanding its target market. M)phosis has gone towards the brand direction of retaining majority of the brand identity while opening up room for creativity input to keep up with the trends of the fashion industry.

EYA 2019 Award Decks

In 2019, Decks Managing Director, Mr Kelvyn Chee has been awarded the EYA (Entrepreuner of the Year Award) For Innovation and technology. 

Decks is no stranger to implementing new innovation and technology into its business model and finding success in the increment of productivity of its employees as well as improving its products.

A few of DECKS successful implementation is the RFID technology in 2016, and its AntiMos clothing line which repels repels insects and inhibits bacteria growth, catering to a growing demand for such clothes, especially with Singapore’s tropical climate.