Striving to provide a positive working environment for our employees to flourish. As an organization, we inspire each other to produce innovative work and bring out the best in every individual team player.

Our team consists of diverse players who together; create synergy in our organizational flows and processes. We are constantly looking for highly skilled and hard-working individuals with a passion for the fashion industry who can prove to be champions and propel our brands and company to even greater heights.

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Our Trade and Professions

With experience of more than 19 years of product development, manufacturing, sourcing, planning and distribution of our products of all the brands, the production and supply chain provides substantial solutions to challenges aspects in various technical development.

Creativity and innovation is the main focus of DECKS as every new project represents the opportunity to push the boundaries of the ordinary and exploring of solutions.  As we work closely with collaborators and suppliers, based on continual teamwork in research and development, heightens unprecedented reinterpretations. 

DECKS marketing and communication incline towards expressive language through customers’ desire by depicting its brands’ universe, conveying its values and vision in a determined involvement of our unique talents and experiences.

We create an comprehensive culture where we designate individuals with diverse backgrounds, abilities and interpersonal styles. Our belief in diversity establish DECKS and enhances the methods business administer.

We are always a very “Technology” company. System such as iPhone App to check sales and inventory, EPR system, RFID, 24 Hrs Video Phone with China, Latest Copier and Desktop are part of the “Technology” items we have. We always wanted to improve the company with “Advanced Tech” gadgets. We’ve planned to install digital lock which uses app to open and lock the door. The admin just need to send invitation to the intended party for her to open the door without keys. The app will notify you whenever the door is opened and locked. 

We are well known for VM Display within departmental store and competitors. Our goal of VM Display is sourced economically and we are able to present the ideal display in a cost-effective way.

Birthday celebrations can make staff feel valued in a way that’s independent of performance targets, showing employees that they’re still a key part of the team. It also creates a more positive working culture, with higher chances for staff to connect and get to know each other. We celebrated everyone’s birthday in the company. Delivering cakes to every staff at their assigned boutique stores. This has been our company’s tradition and it helped us to build a positive relationship between each other. Employees have always been very delightful and appreciative of our thoughts. This has helped us to retain our employees.

One of the company tradition – Annual Company Trips are also organized to bond the company. We will organize an annual karaoke function during special occasions. 

The relationship we developed with departmental stores and shopping malls is a strong and positive working relationship. High frequency of having meetings with shopping mall management teams to review the progress, new product launches and future marketing campaigns.

Internship Program

To facilitate the growth of Decks, we provide personal development and career management to ensure talents grow along as the Company progresses. Here, we believe in empowering our team members to have high decision-making autonomy. We run by the principles of listening, training,  adapting, and advancing. The future is here and now; join us and be a part of Decks.

We partner with Polytechnics located in Singapore to offer a position for students who willing to learn and possess a high adaptive in our fast-paced working environment. Drop us your resume to grab a chance from DECKS to get more exposure in your studying area before stepping into working society. 

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As a digital ecommerce intern, you’re eligible to handle ecommerce daily operations from end to end order processing. You will be assigned to explore and train yourself to be a customer service associate to handle customer enquiries etc. On top of that, digital marketing exposure will be provided during your internship. We allowed you to find out about what’s social media marketing, email marketing, facebook advertisement and the goal of advertisement and etc. 

Website development will be part of the internship programme as our goal is optimise a user-friendly website and without any hesitation, customers can make their decision within few clicks. To further enhance the UI and UX of the website, you will required to identify, implement and review the areas of improvement. 

Sounds challenging? Send us your resume to explore this position. 

We partner with NAFA Singapore to offer a chance of exploring in fashion designing, purchasing and graphic design. As a fashion designer intern, you will be assigned in exploring different profession areas to figure out what’s your interest before kicking off your career. Additionally, we will fully maximise your strengths in exploring and designing website banner, email marketing, as well as social media marketing. 

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