Our Business

As we embrace various new technology, our structure and operating principles allows all departments to be autonomous and responsive, which allows us to be extremely close to our customers ensuring that effective and appropriate decisions can be made. This way, it will strengthen the motivation of our employees, encouraging them to show entrepreneur spirit.

DECKS prioritize constant and stable growth, with huge focus on significant improvement towards technology and innovation. Our employees’ career path are being placed as an important factor in this approach, it will be deemed as essential to be encouraged to excel.

As we manage our production and distribution, down to retail – gaining control of access and input in the value chain from service to production, which aids selective retailing.

Leveraging on available resources with regards to each department, the combined strength of DECKS which will benefit different areas of the business structure.


To sustain regular growth across various business activities, DECKS is open to opportunities and ideas. With an inevitable wave of the future, we emphasize on the importance of internationalization.