8 Reason Why
You Should Join DECKS.

From studies and researches, an average person devotes an average of 90,000 hours to their work over a lifetime. 90,000 hours of motivated, high spirited working environment? It’s really your choice. The folks at DECKS Pte Ltd have definitely made the right choice.

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Work Hard, Play Hard


We work hard, however play hard too, regular outings and trips are organized for the staffs to bond better with each other, in 2016 our focus will be organizing sports and games at least once a month, done in a team building manner.

We Make Effective Decisions As a Team


Even though we have a management team, the company’s decisions and directions are mainly discussed as a team, which includes the sales staff on the selling floor. We believe in listening and through this process, the decisions made are far more effective and result drive.

We Love Being Creative


Business and retail directions or strategy are mostly executed in a more creative manner, this approach allows us to better engage our customers and sets us a step up from our competitors.

We Believe In Your Strength


We believe in building our staff strength rather than focusing on their shortcomings. Motivation through strength building have proofed for us to be a far better option to our team personal and character enhancement.

We Believe In Togetherness As A Family


It has been the company’s practice to celebrate every single staff birthday for the last 17 years, we took an extra step to even hand deliver a bouquet of fresh flowers our selling floor retail staff, just to make their day and put a smile on their faces.

We Keep Our Doors Open


Our management team is always open to new ideas, suggestions, we maintained a highly approachable aura around us. We love to listen and we always try to help. Communication is always the key to great success.

We Believe In Internal Career Advancement


The team at DECKS will always be in priority when it comes to promotions, or job re-deployment. We believe strongly in providing career advancement opportunities to our team.

Our MD Is Our Source of Happiness


Our Managing Director sets great example of the company’s character culture. He leads the team with a positive and highly motivating approach, we are all free to ring him up to share our joys and of course seek advise for our problems. 24/7.