To stay ahead of global trends by inspiring fashion and creativity while delivering products and services of the utmost quality to our valued customers.




We aspire to be a world-renowned Multi-Label Fashion Apparel Retailer, starting with the South East Asian market through creating jubilant and unforgettable experiences for everyone.

Motivated to strive towards positive long-term vision, DECKS’ mission is to establish growth development of each department progression and determination, with the support of necessary resources needed to innovate, produce and market.




Being a broad-spectrum agile organization, we respect the heritage of all backgrounds, distinct combination of creativity and innovation, ability to deliver with quality and excellence, ensuring entrepreneur spirit growth.

Our Values

We always strive towards an inclusive and positive working environment by bringing out the best in our staff and staying true to our Customers while improving on every touchpoint, creating memorable journeys.

We keep the flames burning and inspire innovative thinking in Employees to constantly drive themselves further and deliver extra-mile services to Consumers.

We strive to always stay ahead of global trends through reacting and adapting to market shifts instantaneously, to satisfy customer demands for the best in products and services rendered.

We place significant emphasis on the efficiency of our work processes to enable continual improvement, by leveraging on world-leading technological advancements.