Fun Fact: Did you know Polyester material has better breathability?

With the latest achievements unlocked by ProShield which tested and proven by Intertek Singapore, we’re the First Anti Coronavirus Reusable Face Mask in Singapore as well as Asia.

All ProShield products are made in polyester material instead of cotton, as cotton’s fibre will peel off after every wash. ProShield reusable masks with filter have Over 98% VFE with Nanofiber Filter after 50 washes97% PFE (Pre-wash)99.85% BFE after 25 washes, and have 98% Antibacterial performance after 50 washes.

This award-winning mask is named ProShield Plus Mask and ProShield Mask Filter on our Official Webstore. Click “Learn More” to find out more details about the product specifications.

Since Covid-19’s Outbreak, there has been a scramble for all types of face masks which resulted in a serious global shortage. To combat this issue, ProShield Pte. Ltd. has developed and produced a Tested and Certified Reusable Face Mask Range made using Eco-Friendly, Water-Resistant Fabric which is Hypoallergenic and Child-Friendly.

The Masks are One-size-fits-all, making it suitable for young and old alike. The Multi-Layered Collection feature designs with built-in Filter and Compartment where extra protection is preferred.

Why ProShield? Worried of low breathability and protection from reusable face mask?

Is your reusable face mask well-protected against bacteria or viruses?

Did you know that ProShield Face Mask Range with Nanofiber Filter has achieved the followings?

– Over 98% Virus Filtration Efficiency with Nanofiber Filter after 50 washes
– 97% Particles Filtration Efficiency with Nanofiber Filter (Pre-wash result)
– 99.85% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency with Nanofiber Filter after 25 washes
– Differential Pressure (Breathability) result; 5.0 mmH20/cm² after 25 washes
– Over 98% Antibacterial after 50 washes

ProShield tested its face mask with nanofiber filter at renowned and recognised testing lab in Singapore – Intertek and Setsco.

Shop Worry-Free as we’re using Polyester material not cotton which provides better breathability.  

Visit our Official Webstores to gain more understanding of ProShield Water Repellent Face Mask. Free Islandwide Delivery and International Shipping are Available with T&C apply. Not sure which products to grab? Drop your message to our social media platforms to get instant reply from us!


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