RFID Technology

In 2014, DECKS was the first fashion retailer organisation in Singapore to launch and initiate the use of RFID technology to improve business processes. Decks has premiered its RFID Technology to the retail industry in 2016 as part of its forward thinking innovation journey the company is taking. It has help to retained workers and improved employees productivity while ensuring accurate stock-taking process. The RFID technology is a testament to how Decks is investing on technology for the increment of its employees productivity.


1. Accuracy 

  • Up to 99.80%

2. Fast

  • 800-1000 signal per second

3. Durability and Line of Sight

  • Unlimited life and do not require line of sight to be scanned

4. Economical

  • Prices of RFID has reduced up to 90%

5. Scalability

  • Can be expanded to other areas. e.g. CRM or POS

6. Security

  • RFID used as a security tags datas can be encrypted

7. Individual Unique Record

  • 128 bits of data per tag and contains up to 32 hexadecimal characters

8. Human Resources 

  • Resolved limited resources needed for warehouse and fully maximise the use of resources in other areas