External Relationship

The relationship we developed with departmental stores and shopping malls is a strong and positive working relationship. High frequency of having meetings with shopping mall management teams to review the progress, new product launches and future marketing...

Company Trips and Functions

One of the company tradition – Annual Company Trips are also organized to bond the company. We will organize an annual karaoke function during special occasions.

Employee’s Benefits and Perks

Birthday celebrations can make staff feel valued in a way that’s independent of performance targets, showing employees that they’re still a key part of the team. It also creates a more positive working culture, with higher chances for staff to connect and get to know...

Visual Merchandising

We are well known for VM Display within departmental store and competitors. Our goal of VM Display is sourced economically and we are able to present the ideal display in a cost-effective way

Innovation & Technology

We are always a very “Technology” company. System such as iPhone App to check sales and inventory, EPR system, RFID, 24 Hrs Video Phone with China, Latest Copier and Desktop are part of the “Technology” items we have. We always wanted to improve the company with...